The MU Group

Two perspectives of East: innovation and creativity, but also search for the most authentic roots.


MU us an invitation to naturalness, a glimpse into a into a great vision of the future that, altough modifying its forms, retains the essence of the origins.

Suili and Liwei Zhou are husband and wife. Chinese of origin and Italians of adoption, have given life to the project “MU” with the aim of telling their vision of the oriental gastronomic world.

Today, a few years after the beginning of this adventure, they have built an extended family of people who all work with the same goal: to welcome customers in a world of flavors, emotions and fragrances created every day with immense passion.

Starting from MU Fish, an elegant and creative fusion, passing through MU dimsum, which represents the roots of its founders, up to MU bao and MU Corso Como, two spaces dedicated to street food in the style of Hong Kong, each element contributes to the construction of the large house of MU, where any palate is welcome.


Our Restaurants

The authentic flavors of Hong Kong

MU dimsum

The cuisine of the great Chinese tradition, with the amazing style of Hong Kong. Between modernity and memory.

MU dimsum is like a treasure chest. It collects the best of traditional Chinese cuisine and returns it to its guests in an elegant and welcoming place, accessible to all, but never discounted.

Orient and innovation in fusion.

MU fish

 Oriental roots, naturality and modernity.

With a menu constantly evolving, reflection of a kitchen attentive to changes and trends, MU Fish want to be expression of creativity: a portrait where, beginning  from the far Rising Sun’s Country, opens up to western suggestions, for discover an unique world under the innovation’s flag.



The last born in the MU house, opened in Corso Como in Milan in December 2019. The proposal is dynamic, cosmopolitan, cool: telling the Cantonese cuisine and traditions according to the unprecedented point of view of the ‘Stuzzicheria’.

A local street food that plays with traditional dishes seen as an aperitif, with snacks and appetizers (from Chinese 小 吃) from beef and soy noodles, to steamed glutinous rice, to bao burgers. A dynamic proposal, suitable for any time of the day and context, to which you can accompany one of the signature cocktails signed by Luca Santagostino.



For the MU’s third born, the choice was to bet on Turin. MU bao is a small street food club entirely dedicated to bao, the small steamed sandwiches filled with tradition. A place inspired by the dynamism of Hong Kong, where you can savour the sandwiches quickly but tasty.

The baos are prepared fresh by Chef Kin, and arrive in the local Turin demolished and ready to be consumed every day. MU bao is located in the Turin’s historic center, in via Accademia delle Scienze 2, between the Egyptian Museum and Piazza Castello, for a tasty stop where, closing your eyes, you find the atmosphere of Hong Kong.